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I'm Christy!  and this is Han.  We're happy you stopped by to check out my gemstone jewelry!  Have a BLESSED day!!    


Looove my bracelet. It’s so pretty and it works so well diffusing oils, but without being over whelming. Fashionable, functional, and it just works.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelet! It's perfect and the fit is EXACTLY what I wanted! Just a little loose! And the earrings were so pretty, it was so kind and very generous of you to make those too! I've already worn the set several days! Thank you so much!


I get compliments on my bracelet every day, and I couldn't recommend oil and stone enough! I get to diffuse my oils all day on the go with my gorgeous beads! Such a great gift idea too! And Christy is just the sweetest person I know!


Love my bracelets so much!! They are so well made, beautiful and comfortable!


I absolutely LOVE my bracelet from Oil and Stone. I got it in September and have worn it everyday since. It's beautiful, well made and I want more!! Clearly my favorite piece of jewelry. Christy offers many colors and sizes, you won't regret buying one!


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